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We enable Authors , Publishers , NGO’s , Institution to electronically convert the physical or soft copies into ebooks (ePub format) through our Digitizing processes and customized softwares. This enables customers to save work for eternity and have a global reach through various platforms like Amazon’s Kindle , BN Nook , iBooks , Google Play and other eReaders. Return on Investment for customers would be very fast and extra revenue streams can be created from online sales in addition to the hard copy sales.

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Step 1: Pilot: Submit hardcopy/softcopy of book. We review 1 chapter from your book for a language and other parameters like formulae, tables and figures.

a)If hard copy is given, we will digitize 1 chapter (scan, enhance, OCR and proof read) and convert the eFormat to ePub and showcase the pilot. In case digitization is not possible we will use data entry technique to get to ePub Format.

b)If softcopy of the book is provided (word or pdf format), we will directly convert 1 chapter to ePub format and showcase the pilot.

Step 2 : Approval and Package:  Once the pilot gets approved and process of conversion is fixed, you can choose one of our affordable publishing packages or customize the package to suit your needs.

Step 3: Publishing: Based on the package selected, publishing team will publish the book as per standards

Step 4 : Distribution: Once the book is ready, our distribution team will ensure the availability of your book across the right eBook stores for world wide access

Step 5 : Royalty & Tracking: Data Analytics team track s sales of books and makes sure royalty is received on time along with host of statistics.


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