We help libraries, publishers and copyright holders to get their paperback copies converted to electronic format. It gives unparalleled access to consumers of your content and will help you to increase market share. ScanJunction specializes at destructive, bind-destructive and non destructive type of book scanning services.

1. Destructive (D) – the spine of the book is taken out and the pages are trimmed before scanning using automated document feeders of highest quality. Scanning is done at 200 dpi. The book is later recycled using custom built process.

2. Bind-Destructive (BD) – the spine of the book is cut and the pages are trimmed. Scanning is at 300 dpi using automated document feeders. The pages are rebind and the book is returned.

3. Non-Destructive (ND) – Best way of scanning a book. The spine of the book is not touched and the pages are scanned using a book scanner specifically used for that purpose. The scanners at ScanJunction for non destructive scanning are one of the best in the world. The scanning is at 300 dpi. The books are later returned in the original shape.

Once the base act of scanning is done you can digitize your content by opting for OCR and margin adjust option.

  1. Searchable text is best for quick reference and for searching points of interest within a book.
  2. Margin Adjust – this feature is best for reading scanned booked on eBook devices like iPhone, iPad, Kindle etc. When a book gets scanned into PDF format the text cannot be resized. This makes the book to read on different devices. The margin option can be specified to us to tailor the output to suit your requirement.

Once the process digitization is completed, the outputs could be in the following formats:


Solution for Libraries

Libraries are a source of vast knowledge and require preservation of books. The future of libraries is to go digital. We help libraries digitize old books which are in the public domain or books for which copyrights exist with the library. The digitization of books is a tedious process and as explained above includes the base act of scanning, OCR and margin adjust. We also help libraries provide a search interface which allows resources to be found for their users. Thus a holistic solution is available for libraries which includes tuning the books for eBook devices along with a searchable Graphical User Interface

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