We expertise in enterprise level document scanning services. Over years any organization ends up with humongous amounts of hard-copies which are tough to store and maintain. We help organizations digitize the hard-copies and also organize the documents for better accessibility. This helps in freeing up the shelf space  which is direct return on investment and also provides better security of the documents.

LITENT solutions provide robust time tested strategies for various departments of different organizations. We deploy machines and resources to execute work at client location based on the requirement.


Litent solutions for HR (Human Resource) & IT (Information Technology) departments focusses on reducing admin tasks and increasing constructive tasks like talent management, network infrastructure etc. This is done by having a common database of information and standardizing procedures. The solution aims at:

  • Segregation and controlled access to digital and physical files.
  • Indexing of Digital files with personal information so that files are available on demand with secure permissions to interested parties.
  • Enabling a document workflow to create, distribute and collect information electronically.

Finance & Legal 

Legal : In today’s era of mergers and acquisitions and strict compliance measures that need to be adhered to, Litent solutions play an important role for every organization. Be it auditing or due diligence, we help create a common database for information flow so that interested parties have access to secure files in a structured way. The result is a efficient, productive, cost-effective and lean legal services operation. Solutions for legal aim at:

  • Balancing the need for information security with ease of discovery.
  • Managing files across sites while complying with rules and regulations.

Finance : It forms the spine of any organization and is the most regulated department with large volumes of information, which cannot be destroyed due to strict regulations. Finance department also faces strict penalties if there is any deviation in compliance. In such a scenario, Litent provides finance departments with solutions to focus on main business drivers and strategies, while creating a work flow process to protect from mishaps, compliance deviations and unnecessary scrutiny. The solutions for Finance aim at:

  • Providing workflow that protect margins in face of increased operating costs and competition.
  • Delivering value adds that safeguard personally data in a structured way

Backup Solutions

Data management is critical for any organization and loss of critical information can ruin business. Less than 10% of companies survive a major data loss and nearly 50% of the companies never resume business or close down in two years.

Organizations need a proper data recovery plan. Failure to set up backup systems that protect and restore historical documents result in huge expenses. Litent data backup provides cloud space along with a recovery and strategized backup plan, which would be a copy of business-critical data and helps in meeting standards of quality, consistency and compliance.

Backup happens over the Internet on the cloud, without any demands for additional IT infrastructure. Data can be backed up on desktops, laptops and servers across organization. A GUI can be developed to configure backup policies and time periods and monitoring. Our backup subscription service provides secure storage, which compresses, encrypts and transmits data to Cloud. The end result is real-time recovery of data.

Visit Client Location
Receipt & Entry
Document Segregation
Document Preparation
Image Processing
Quality Check
Conversion to Format
Final QC


Professional file handling
Sequential scanning
Dedicated Resource per station
Indexing as per client requirement

Types of Scanners

A fast A4 scanner that can scan up to 30 pages per minute (ppm) that is portable enough to be taken to a client's place.

A3 scanners are also equally capable of scanning documents that are double the size of A4 at the same speed, with portable again.

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